The citation module captures and indexes the information typically found on a "Traffic Citation".  The citation module can also be linked to the Arrest & Booking Module as some jurisdictions use citations as a charging document for various criminal offenses. Information relating to Persons, Vehicles, Locations and Offenses (or Violations) and court dispositions are all captured through a small easy to use and understand form. The form makes extensive use of user defined code tables and edits. From the Citation module you can easily create related Accidents, Incidents or other Citations.

* Citation Names are linked to the Master Name Index.  
* Citation Vehicles are linked to the Master Vehicle Index
Citation data can also be exported from Crimestar so that the data can be imported by external programs that use this data to provide other functions.  Typically this is used to export citation data to a file that can be read and processed by third party Municipal Court Software. 

Citation records are exported on demand into both ASCII and XML files containing all the linked and related data fields available for any given citation record.  Once Citation records are exported they are flagged so as to not be exported again unless and until you wish to re-export them for any specific purpose.

This approach makes it easy for other vendors to program or build interfaces to import  our RMS citation data directly into their respective systems. 
In addition to the generic citation data export feature shown above, Crimestar RMS also contains a Court Solutions LLC Interface to their My-Fine-Payment system. Using this interface you can easily, at no cost to your agency, allow violators to pay fines using a credit card!  Just Activate Your Free Account with Court Solutions, configure Crimestar to send the ticket information and you are ready to go!


Citation data can also be used to create a "Ticket" which can be issued to a violator.  Crimestar provides a completely customizable template for creating a "Ticket" directly from the Citation Module of RMS.

You can design the output for a wide variety of printer devices, and Crimestar does not necessarily recommend any specific hardware for this purpose.

This sample ticket shown on the left, was designed for a 4" printer format.  We designed and tested this template using a Zebra Road Warrior (RW420) 4" mobile/portable thermal printer (shown below).  The device is BlueTooth capable so there is no need to attach/detach any printer cable on your computer....

Very Cool!


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