The Crimestar Message Switch/Gateway (MSG) is a flexible and secure transaction interface that seamlessly connects all other Crimestar products (RMS, CAD & MDC) to your State's Criminal Justice Information System (CJIS) and NCIC.  The interface software consists of two parts:  (1) The host Message Switch/Gateway which runs as an application server behind the scenes and  (2) an integrated user application called the "State Interface Client".   Using the State Interface Client users can easily perform a variety of common query transactions through various state and federal system directly from within Crimestar programs.  The State Interface Client simply appears as another form within the Crimestar RMS/CAD user interface environment and when running as an integrated form, Crimestar CAD can interact with it to automatically submit Vehicle and Person query transactions related to Vehicle Stop and Subject Stop CAD events.    If desired, the State Interface Client can also be run as a separate and stand-alone Windows application external to Crimestar RMS and CAD.

The screen illustration shown below is typical of what users will see at their respective desktop networked computers when they submit transactions to the state and receive response from the State/NCIC systems.   

 * Field officers running the Crimestar Mobile Digital Communicator (MDC) system will not see this screen since all message responses to an MDC are displayed via the MDC's native message interface
When accessing the Message Switch Gateway (MSG) via the MDC system all MSG security requirements are still enforced.

Key Message State Interface Client Features Include:
Simple to navigate user input forms.
Visual prompts for Required and Conditional Required data fields.
Customizable localized editing of data input fields to minimize user errors.
Table driven and customizable input form layout.
Visual and Audible Message Waiting Indicators
Easily accessible previous message recall queue.
Completely resizable display form so readable area can be expanded.
Configurable Font, Point Size and Color for Message Display
Message Printing   (Configurable due to message security considerations)
Easy Message Cut-n-Paste (Configurable due to message security considerations)
Secure Message Communications using AES256 bit Encryption
The State Interface Client can be run:
  > Within Crimestar RMS
  > Within Crimestar CAD (Person & Vehicle transactions are automatically submitted by CAD)
Typically the MSG Interface provides query only access to the following basic transaction types:
  > Query Article
  > Query Boat
  > Query Gun 
  > Query Person
  > Query  Vehicle

The Engine Behind the Scenes

The Message Switch/Gateway Host application is designed to run unattended within your organization's computer room or other secure location where application specific servers reside and operate.  Most Crimestar users will never see this program running.  In fact even when it is running, it can be reduced down to a simple windows tray icon keeping it out of the way of other server side applications.

While this program is rarely seen by anyone except the system administrator(s), it is the core message switch that communicates with the State Interface Client application and the Mobile Digital Controller (MDC) host.   The Message Switch/Gateway is responsible for device and user authentication, message formatting, encryption, audit logging, routing and is the primary gateway for communicating with external systems and applications that provide the connectivity to your respective state criminal information center. 

* Shown with the Crimestar message transaction display decrypted for readability.


Key Message Switch/Gateway Features Include:
Authentication of the Media Access Control (MAC-48) ID / Extended Unique Identifier (EUI-48)  for all machines/devices submitting transactions.
Authentication of all user names and password for all users submitting transactions.

Meets NCIC password security requirement by allowing for complex passwords that can be configured to expire after a defined period of time.  If the system is configured to use/require complex passwords the user passwords must adhere to the following criteria:

* The password must be a minimum of 8 characters long
The password must not be the same as the Login ID
The password cannot be the same as any of the 10 most precent passwords used
The password must contain mixed (Upper and Lower) case letters
The password must contain at least one (1) special character or number
The password must expire in a maximum of 90 days.

Secure 256 bit data encryption (AES256 - FIPS197) of all transactions using a list of 10,000 randomly selected encryption keys.   Each message transaction uses a different key!
Encryption key lists can be re-generated for each site or changed on demand at a site to ensure that each Message Switch/Gateway installation utilizes a unique list of encryptions keys.
Table driven device configuration to correlate specific authenticated devices with their respective ORI # and/or Mnemonic assignments as well as MDC Unit ID. This allows for the explicit restriction of specific transaction types based on the physical device as well as the user login ID.
Alternate/Duplicate message routing on "Hit" notifications
Complete Logging for all message transaction:
  > To the State
  > From the State
  > To/From any local Crimestar client machine
Trace Window Activity Displays for all message routes
Host Connection Link & Handshake indicators
Transaction Statistic Tabulation
> By Device
> By User
> By Time of Day / Day of Week
Direct Connectivity with Crimestar's MDC Controller 
       (State Interface Client Software is not needed on MDC Devices)

The following is a simple high level diagram showing the entity relationship between the State Interface Client program, the Message Switch/Gateway and other Crimestar applications on your department's internal network.


The Crimestar Message Switch/Gateway is currently available for all 50 states in the US. Due to the nature of providing a state interface, which can involve considerable coordination, scheduling, approvals and in some cases certification with state and regional entities the implementation period for the Message Switch/Gateway can vary widely.  Contact Crimestar Corporation for more specific information about interface connectivity in your state.


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