CrimeStar's Records Management System ( RMS )  is an easy to use multi-user, network ready system that automates all of the common record keeping functions of a progressive law enforcement agency.  The system tracks all department activity from the time of the initial phone call or contact to final disposition and custody of the offenders.  
Faster Input: A collection of tightly linked modules that are all integrated with master indexes reduce redundant input and speed data entry. 

Powerful Searches: The online search capability allows you to instantly search for, find and cross-link information on people, vehicles, locations, property and official documents.  This extensive RMS is also completely integrated with our CAD and Mobile Data systems.

Extensive Reporting: The system's extensive reporting capabilities allow you to produce printed detail and summary reports quickly and easily. The system provides over 200 "canned" reports and a custom report creator !

Document Security: Individual access control as well as module and document specific security help keep you valuable information protected and safe.

Information Sharing: The carefully planned and unique design allow you to easily share your data with other agencies using Crimestar or create regionally shared information

Scalable Size: Available in two fully functional product editions, the product can be affordably implemented in agencies both small and large using either a pure LAN (Professional Edition) or Client /Server (Enterprise Edition) architecture. 

CrimeStar RMS is arguably one of the most complete, versatile and functional systems on the market at any price.  That said; we offer our product at a price equal to or less than what many of our major competitors charge for annual support!  Stop wasting money with those other guys; use Crimestar!

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