The MDC workstation has been designed with a simple, flexible and versatile user interface that allows field officers to digitally send, request and view CAD and RMS related data with a minimal effort and maximum readability directly from their car.  Using any computer device in a mobile environment presents certain challenges and Crimestar's MDC meets those challenges with style and ease.  The program utilizes 4 viewing panel displays.  Panels #1 and #2 are generic message display windows where dispatch messages from CAD or RMS data returns can be viewed. Having two panels allows officers to have important information displayed on alternate panels so that they can quickly switch back and forth between various message returns.  Panel #3 is an attribute or text based status monitor similar to those used with Crimestar CAD and the Web Based Status display showing a filterable view both Units and Events.  Panel #4 is a spatial map display of the same status data represented in text form on panel #3 which also provides various map related references and navigational features to the user including real time positioning via a GPS interface.


MDC users interact with the workstation via a series of large easy to read command button panel.  These buttons can be used via either a touch-screen display or via the keyboard or via the mouse. Form this button panel, users can read inbound messages (and if desired save those messages to disk), alter their respective CAD status, view events, respond to and clear CAD events, perform RMS type queries on people, vehicles and property.

The bottom right portion of the workstation display immediately to the right of the command buttons is a display that shows the respective MDC#, CAD Unit ID#, that unit's current cad status and a message waiting indicator to alert the user of inbound, queued messages waiting to be read. 
(In the image above we see that this is MDC#0000, Unit ID #1009 and that this unit is currently in a DISPatch Status on Event #0405070001 and has NO MESSAGES waiting to be displayed)

No matter which display panel the user selects the important visual indicators and command button remain visible and available so any activity or action can be immediately performed with a minimal of effort and/or keystrokes. 
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