The CAD Map status monitor displays all unit and event activity in a graphical map format.  Event data is mapped based on either latitude and longitude coordinates supplied as a result of a geo-file verification or manually geo-coding the event on-the-fly, by dispatcher referencing the proper location for the event on the CAD Map using the computer mouse.  Units are mapped based on latitude and longitude coordinates received from GPS equipped field units running Crimestar's Mobile Digital Communicator software (licensed separately from CAD).  The CAD Map status monitor is always run as a desktop form and generally requires the use of a multiple monitor or dual monitor computer workstation.  Similar to the Unit Status and Event Status monitors, the Map status monitor can be resized as desired and can be used interactively via drag & drop operations to update units or events accordingly.


The CAD Map status monitor provides 4 default views (USA, State, user defined Default and the Dynamically Calculated, based on event and unit locations "CAD Map") and 4 run-time changeable static views.   In addition to these pre-defined and dynamic views the map display can be panned and zoomed as desired.  This allows the operator to quickly navigate the map display to the area or view desired.

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