The CAD status monitors play a critical role in the overall operation of a CAD system.  From the status monitors the dispatcher can, at a glance, see an entire picture of what is happening.  There are two primary types of status monitors; the Unit Status monitor and the Event Status monitor.  Status monitors may be resized as desired to display more data or fit on your monitor.  Use of custom font sizes and configurable colors provide visual queues to make information recognition and identification faster and easier.  Time in status is tracked to the second and customizable safety timers make units flash to alert the dispatcher when too much time has elapsed without unit activity.


Additionally status monitors may be placed on your Windows Desktop, so that they may be placed on a different physical monitor for systems where multiple display monitors are being utilized.  Depending on your situation you may choose to have more than one of each of these status monitors open.  Since each type of monitor can be configured to show different data it may operationally be easier for you to have a separate monitor for different types of units such as Police, Fire or Medical.  Perhaps you need the status monitor to show ONLY the units assigned to a specific Sector or District. Crimestar CAD allows for this type of flexibility with the click of a few butons.

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