The Warrants Module is designed to track various types of Arrest and Bench Warrants issued by the court for law enforcement service. This module tracks all the key court warrant document information as well as the name, address and description of the person for which the warrant has been issued.
Persons entered into the warrants module are linked to the Master Name Index File.
The Warrants Module also contains a Tracking subsystem which permits the entry of related service attempts for due-diligence support.  In some cases a warrant may be assigned to a specific person for service.

Each time there is an attempted service you can record that attempt and show a complete chronological warrant due-diligence.

Throughout the entire system (including the MDC workstations)  when a user searches for hits upon a subject with an active warrant, the user is automatically notified of the warrant and can retrieve that active warrant with a single button-click!


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