Support and Maintenance Agreement
( Revised: September 2005 )

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Crimestar Corporation charges an annual fee per concurrent user license to provide technical support for CrimeStar Records Management Software.   Customers who have paid for, and are current in their payment of, the annual support and maintenance fee are deemed ‘Supported Customers’. These customers are entitled to the products and services outlined in this agreement. Conversely, customers who have not paid or maintained the annual support and maintenance fee are deemed ‘Non-Supported Customers,’ and are subject to the upgrade restrictions defined herein.  This technical support agreement is intended as a companion to the original CrimeStar License Agreement.  It is important that Supported Customers fully read and understand the license agreement and this companion agreement.  The two documents are intended to protect the rights of both Supported Customers and Crimestar Corporation.

Products and Services

  1. General Help: Crimestar Corporation will use its best efforts to provide necessary consultation in a timely manner to assist supported customers with the process of installing, setting up, configuring and using CrimeStar. Additionally, in the event of a major computer problem at the customer location, Crimestar Corporation will make reasonable efforts to help the customer recover from the problem in order to return the CrimeStar software to its normal operating condition. The methods and resources used to accomplish this level of assistance shall at the discretion of Crimestar Corporation consist of, but not be limited to:

  • E-mail Communication and Consultation - ( Email Support )
  • World Wide Web-based support, technical information, and product updates at
  • Voice Telephone Communication and Consultation
  • Remote Diagnostics via Communication Utility Tools (i.e. Virtual Network Computing: "VNC" ).
  1. Software Repairs: Crimestar Corporation will, as necessary, use its best efforts to identify, isolate and repair various imperfections, ‘software bugs’ or other software programming problems that may exist or become introduced into the CrimeStar software. Once these identified imperfections or problems are repaired, an updated version or release of the software that includes these associated repairs will be made available to supported customers.

  2. Product Design Input: It is Crimestar Corporation’s desire to evolve the product using input from CrimeStar customers, agencies evaluating the product and other sources with reasonable expertise in the realm of law enforcement and public safety. Crimestar Corporation will make every reasonable effort to give priority to the ideas, suggestions and input of supported customers, when adding features and making product enhancements.

  3. Software Updates: Crimestar Corporation is continuously working to improve CrimeStar by adding new features and capabilities to the product. Many of these new features or capabilities are a direct result of product design input from supported customers. Crimestar Corporation will make most of these new features and updates available to supported customers as part of the base product at no additional charge. Crimestar Corporation does reserve the right to charge an additional fee, if it is deemed that a particular feature or new capability constitutes a major upgrade in product functionality.

Notice of Upgrade Restriction

Crimestar Corporation reserves the right to explicitly lockout, via software modifications, specific registered users who have not paid the annual support and maintenance fees. This action shall serve to prevent them from downloading and updating to the latest release of the software; thus obtaining the same benefit as supported customers who have paid the annual support fee. This lockout action will not prevent a non-supported customer from continuing to use their existing installed licensed version release, it only serves to prevent the use of future updates of the software product by non-supported customers.  Non-supported customers shall in all circumstances, be responsible for maintaining the CrimeStar installation files required for the current version of the product they are using.

Past Due Support Fees

In order to be fair to our supported customers whose support payments fund our ongoing product development; non-supported customers that have allowed their annual product support and maintenance agreement to lapse, and wish to once again be a supported customer will be required to pay all past due fees.


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