The Mobile Digital Communicator provides a secure environment for your sensitive data. 


Beyond any encryption security that may be inherent to RF Modems or a commercial carrier communications network used, the MDC software secures your information in three ways: 

1.) First, all data messages are compressed which converts them into a smaller non human readable binary form.

2.) Next, the compressed messages are encrypted using a strong data encryption technology
which adheres to the Federal Information Processing Standards, Publication 197, (FIPS PUB 197) Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) with a series of 9,999 unique user customizable 256 Bit cryptographic keys so that each subsequent message transmitted is encrypted using a different key.  AES-256 x 9999 

3.) Lastly the compressed and encrypted message is broken into a series of smaller packets (digital envelopes) for transmission so each actual transmission likely only contains part of an encrypted and compressed message.

Thus, only after receiving all the required data packets, reassembling them, deciphering the 256 bit encryption and decompressing the binary information can a single message be viewed or read by the recipient.


Beyond the security of data transmission, the MDC system allows you to explicitly control which devices and users are allowed access.  All MDC devices attempting to communicate on the system must have an authorized MDC address number and optionally an authorized Media Access Control (MAC) ID associated with the MDC address.   An easy to use security permission interface allows you to configure and authorize individual devices and determine what functions that each specific device is allowed to process through the MDC Controller.


By allowing transaction types to be restricted on a device-by-device basis the same MDC system can be used by multiple agencies (Police, Fire, Medical, etc.) while preventing un-authorized access and maintaining the security of sensitive local database information as well as State/NCIC data via Crimestar's Message Switch State Interface.  Beyond device specific security, the Crimestar MDC system allows you to configure specific user ID's for access.  Each user ID has a unique password and user ID's can be mapped as either the Unit ID (Radio Call Sign) or the Officer ID provided during the MDC Log-In process.   Each user ID can be granted individual transaction permissions.

This multi-layered approach means that before a specific transaction type can be performed both the MDC device and the logged-in MDC user must be granted permission through system security.


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