The Mobile Digital Communicator (MDC) uses its own packet message protocol which allows it to work in conjunction with a wide variety of equipment.  Some equipment providers have implemented their own delivery protocol while others can often be configured to operate in "transparent mode" allowing delivery confirmation to be handled by the MDC application itself for more efficient throughput.  In either configuration, these various wireless products, usually referred to as "RF Modems" allow data to be transmitted on a dedicated radio frequency specifically licensed to your agency.

Most of these types of units provide either an industry standard RS-232 or RS-422 asynchronous communications interface or a RJ45 EtherNet jack and can offer features such as 32 bit CRC error checking with RF throughput speeds as high as 9600 baud, 19,200 baud or higher.  While these speeds may sound slow in today's world of Megabit speed consumer electronic communication devices, you must realize that these devices typically operate at much higher wattage (power) and are capable of transmitting signals for miles (very similar to typical voice radio systems used by law enforcement).
Crimestar MDC has also been successfully implemented in conjunction with the private RF Network created using products from IPMobileNet. The IPMobileNet system creates a private TCP/IP network over your own dedicated radio system.  Like most manufactures of Private Radio systems these products can operate in the VHF LO, VHF HI, UHF, 800 & 900 Mhz frequency ranges with various amounts of transmit power.


* Crimestar recognizes that there are many equipment manufacturers that may be able to supply similar hardware.  Crimestar Corporation  has no specific business affiliation with any of the three companies or products mentioned above.  Crimestar does sell or supply their equipment nor do we receive any commissions or referral fees from them for mentioning their products.  Our reference to these products are merely for the benefit and education of our customers.   For more specific information about their products, services, pricing or equipment financing please visit their respective website or contact those manufacturers directly.

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