Crimestar CAD gives you a simple and straight forward Call Taker -Event Form that can be used to create and display event records.  Once an initial Event is created and saved subsequent updates to that event are performed automatically saved as the user moves from field to field.  Within the CAD workstation the dispatcher can have one or many different Event Forms active at the same time.  On any form you can quickly switch the displayed event by dragging an event from the event status monitor and dropping it on the event form.  Use of dropdown code tables and unlimited text fields provide a perfect balance between consistency and flexibility during data input. This combination of powerful features, versatility and ease of use help make Crimestar CAD the perfect dispatch solution for any agency.

For those agencies familiar with Crimestar RMS, you will notice that the CAD Call Taker -Event form is very similar to the RMS Calls For Service form.  When a CAD event record is closed the CAD event data is transferred to RMS and is viewable via the Calls For Service Module in RMS.

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