The Calls for Service (CFS) Module is designed to maintain unit response and call related data. This module captures the important call classification, priority, location and response information necessary to create various response analysis and field activity reports.

This module is not a Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) system per se, however Crimestar CAD event records are transferred into the CFS module of RMS.  The CFS module can be used with or without the Crimestar CAD system.  If you are a small department, you probably don't need CAD.  Read the  CAD vs. CFS.

Because this module like almost all CrimeStar® modules is a Multiple Document Interface (MDI), it is possible to have multiple copies of the form displayed at the same time capturing Call related information for multiple simultaneous calls.

Calls For Service Page

False alarms are a common problem from many law enforcement agencies.  When a CFS event is a false alarm call, you can log that directly to an alarm file log, by clicking a single button.  Below is a view of the Alarm file form that lists all alarm and alarm related calls.


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