The Investigative Alert system allows anyone to flag one or more persons in such a way as to track other computer activity related to that person or to notify other officers of special information about that person. Investigative Alerts are triggered when an operator performs a search that results in the flagged record being selected or viewed. When you create an investigative alert you can choose any 1 of 3 alert type options. The first option simply provides a notification message to an officer or computer operator regarding the person they just selected. The second option both notifies the computer operator and sends a private message back to the originator of the Alert. The third option does not provide any notification to the computer operator that the subject they are viewing has an associated Alert, and only sends a private message back to the originator of the Alert.

This feature is especially useful for flagging informants and specific profile people, so that you are aware when other officers may have had contact with them or are investigating them!


Investigative Alerts are different from popup alerts in that you can actually enter a specific message to be provided to the user who activates the alert.  Additionally Investigative alerts can provide feedback to the originator of the investigative alert.


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