CrimeStar® expands the traditional use of master index files to provide automatic Quick-Fill data entry capabilities. During the data entry process, simply provide some basic information and the Quick-Fill engine will search the necessary master index files for a matching pre-existing record, copy the data available, then return and automatically complete much of the current data entry form. The data returned by the Quick-Fill engine can be overwritten in the event that some of the information is not valid for the current document. This is an optional feature which, if used can dramatically increase data entry productivity.

Crimestar RMS also provides an interface to automatically input drivers license (Name, Address & Physical Description) information via a 3 Track Magnetic strip reader using the American Association of Motor Vehicle Administrators (AAMVA) National Standards format.  Simply open the Crimestar Module or Form and swipe the drivers license through the attached mag-strip reader and all associated data is transferred to the form automatically.


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