The Property and Evidence Module provides a comprehensive mechanism for identifying and tracking the existence and movement of property handled by a law enforcement agency.  All property can be uniquely described and categorized as to what it is and why it is in the possession of the agency. Multiple digital photos can be maintained for each property item.  In addition to maintaining categorical descriptions of each item the value of the item can be maintained specific to each category.  For example a Stolen item may have a value of $100.00, however when that item is recovered it is discovered to have been damaged, and therefore has a lower value.

Special classifications and categories are maintained for weapons and drugs.  Likewise, the system has several pre-formatted reports that list these categories specifically. 

Item status and physical tracking can also be maintained within this module. Property which has been checked-out by an officer for court or sent to the Lab for Analysis can be tracked to ensure a proper chain of custody. 

The Property and Evidence module is completely Barcode enabled with optional voice confirmation.  The Crimestar property module allows you to print Barcode ready property labels using your laser printer and standard Avery brand labels (#5160, #5162, #5163 or equivalent).  Property labels are then affixed to each article or item of property and can from that point be used to track the movement of them item for the duration of the time that it remains in your custody or control.  Crimestar provides Synthesized voice confirmation of Barcode scan operations so that tracking can be done without viewing the computer screen.

Barcode scanning can be done with popular inexpensive barcode wands and handheld scanners provided by leading manufactures such as Symbol Technologies, HHP and others.


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