The personnel file provides a quick and convenient way to track department personnel. The file tracks basic law enforcement personnel information such as name, address, phone, date of birth, blood type, marital status etc. 

The file also provides tracking for employee history, resource and skill information such as hire date, promotion date, current rank, current unit assignment, Date of current assignment, languages spoken and special skills held by that employee.

You can easily store a digital photo for each employee, by either importing the photo from a disk file or acquire it directly from a Twain compliant camera.

You can store an unlimited number of associated training records documenting the date, coarse, instructor, hours, certification etc. for each employee.  All training entries are printed out on a personnel training detail log.

In addition to recording the training information associated with your personnel, you can also track any and all department issued equipment assigned to the employee.  All equipment entries are printed out on a personnel equipment detail log.


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