Crimestar makes it easy to import digital photos from disk or capture them live with a digital camera connected directly to the computer.  Once captured the images are linked to master name records and saved in the database. In addition to capturing and saving those individual photos, Crimestar allows you to produce photo lineups quickly and easily.  Once assembled the lineup can be printed and saved for future use.  Lineups can consist of either 6 or 8 images depending upon your choice or preference.  Likewise, when printing a lineup you may choose to also have each lineup image printed individually in a larger size.

To create a photo lineup simply select the photos you wish to use by either;

1.) Importing them from a disk file
2.) Dragging & dropping them from a Master Name Index record

3.) Selecting them from the photo library thumbnail page

4.) By using the photo image picker where you specify the general physical attributes of the subject and the system retrieves a series of photos associated with individuals who fit that description.

Once the lineup photos are selected you can randomize the layout of the images so that lineup presentation patterns can be avoided.

  Compatible with all kinds of devices

Some companies charge more for a digital image database system (like this) than we do for our entire RMS!   Likewise, most companies that offer an RMS charge extra for digital mug shot capability.  With Crimestar RMS all this digital photo capability is included.


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