If CrimeStar's pre-defined and semi-custom reports don't meet all your needs you can "roll-your-own" custom reports using the Crimestar RMS Report Creator.  This tool allows users to create their own reports based on any criteria, filter condition, sort field(s) etc.  It is a completely customized reporting subsystem and it is included with each RMS installation!   


Beyond all the reporting tools and option that Crimestar RMS provides you can also, if you wish, use any one of the many popular 3rd party report writing tools, such as Seagate's Crystal Reports and R&R Report Writer.  While using these tools is a bit more work and you must learn how to use these tools, you have the power to create whatever you want.  Using the Professional Version or the Enterprise Version, all of the information in  CrimeStar's data tables are accessible to you using simple Open DataBase Connectivity (ODBC) technology.



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