Why Buy Crimestar ?
The answers are simple....

Reason #1: Crimestar is a quality product.
Reason #2: Crimestar is a proven system.
Reason #3: Crimestar Corporation is a solid reputable company.
Reason #4: Crimestar costs less to buy.
Reason #5: Crimestar costs less to own.

Crimestar is a quality product: 

Crimestar software has been designed and architected by former law enforcement officers that fully understand what the public safety market needs and demands.  The software itself has been constructed using a very powerful and proven "data-centric", "object oriented" development tool provided by Microsoft Corporation.  A combination of a great design and a proven development platform create the most solid foundation any software product can have.  Feature for feature, we offer as much, and in many cases more, functionality and capability than other products on the market at any price.  Many vendors go to great lengths and expense to create a "hype" and perception of "superiority" regarding their products.   Don't be sucked in and fooled by all the B.S.  If the product is good, it will speak for itself.  We believe, our product does just that!

Crimestar is a proven system:

Let's face it, we are not perfect, but nobody (or software program) is!  The idea that "larger" or higher priced systems are somehow better, is simply a myth perpetuated by those people and companies who financially benefit from that myth.  The fact is that Crimestar is a simple to use and powerful system that works!  The product has evolved and improved over time, thanks to great suggestions from the law enforcement community.  The product has been licensed by, and is used daily by hundreds of law enforcement agencies across the country.  Very few vendors can make such a claim, so we must be doing something right!  While we are not the perfect solution for everyone, our goal is to become the most widely used and feature rich product on the market at any price.

Crimestar Corporation is a solid reputable company:

Crimestar is a small company but that is a good thing, because we know it!  Established in 1989, providing software for law enforcement and public safety is what we do, and that is all we do.  Over the years a lot of lip service has been given to the notion that doing business with a small company is risky and doing business with a big company is "safe".  This is simply another myth and misconception.  The fact is that over the years several large (fortune 500) companies have entered into the public safety software market, spent a bunch of money on flashy brochures and advertising campaigns then later abandoned the market to pursue more lucrative business elsewhere.  Those agencies that sought out safety in publicly held companies with AAA bond ratings often found themselves looking for a new system when their "safe and reputable vendor" walked away from a market that could not support the overhead and high operating costs of a big company. Likewise, many small companies that are desperately trying to be big companies go into debt via bank notes or venture capital investors to raise the money necessary for them to grow.  This means that they are always under financial pressure and may be one deal or contract away from being in financial default.  Companies in this position often, as a means of survival, make promises that they can not keep!  How many times have you heard a story about a vendor that promised something and never delivered?   Yes, Crimestar Corporation is small, but we see that as a good thing.  As we point out on our Corporation Information page, Crimestar has no debt, public or private, we maintain very low operating expenses and as a result are never under pressure to make a sale, or make false promises just to get business.  

Crimestar costs less to buy:

If there is one thing that Crimestar's business suffers from, it is a "perception of value"!  If it costs more, it must be better right?  Too many people think that in order to get anything that's any good they must spend a lot of money.  Software vendors (especially those under financial pressure) who want to charge you top dollar for their system, will tell you that their product is "superior", "high end" or "industrial grade" and that is why it costs more.  If you believe that, can we interest you in some ocean front property in Kansas?   It is just a computer database software program!  The fact is, they charge more money because they know agencies, and people in government often operate under this perception of value and will pay the higher prices under the mis-belief that it is a "safer decision" because they are getting something bigger or better.  The fact is you are often not getting anything bigger or better you are just getting something more expensive!

Having said all that; Why is Crimestar less expensive?  The full answer is in the roots of our  sales & marketing philosophy.  But here are 3 primary reasons:

1.) We have no debts that we must repay.
2.) We maintain the lowest possible overhead and business operating expenses possible.
3.) We are not greedy.

Crimestar costs less to own:

The cost of buying or licensing software is only one consideration.  The more important question is what will it cost you to own and use it over time?  This becomes increasingly more important when grant funds are used to license computer software.  If a generous state or federal grant provides all or most of the funding required to license a product, there is a temptation to spend beyond your organizational means.  The problem is "When is Free not Free?".  Most grants only cover capital expenses and expressly do not cover ongoing operational costs.  Most vendors charge 15% to 20% of the product license fee on an annual basis for product support.  In some cases that support does not include software updates.  Obviously the more a system costs you, even when it is being paid for by grant money, the higher your annual support fee will be.  Can you afford the annual support costs?  You better do the math before you accept the grant and spend a bunch of someone else's money...  Multiply your anticipated support fees out over several years, and see if the "good deal", really is.

Crimestar is committed to having the lowest annual support costs possible.  This applies to not only the relative percentage of the license fee charged, but the lowest in terms of REAL ($$$) dollars.  Obviously the lower the license cost, the lower that annual support fee will be in real dollars given the same relative percentage.

Why does Crimestar cost less to own?

1.) In the Industry, support fees are typically 15-20% of the license fee annually.
2.) Ours can be as low as 10% and that is calculated against an already very low license cost!
3.) Our support includes product updates.

How can we do that?  We can offer low cost of ownership for the same reason we offer a low license cost.  We have no debt and we maintain low overhead costs.  We also "care" about trying to offer a great product at a very affordable price so that all agencies large and small can get a powerful and reliable system with great functionality without getting "ripped-off".  Even the smallest of law enforcement agencies with the smallest of budgets have a place to go to get a quality product that they can afford.

Hopefully you can appreciate and somehow relate to the 5 reasons we have listed to explain why you should buy Crimestar software and why Crimestar is an excellent choice to meet the needs and demands of your department.


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