If you need User & System Training, it is available...
While most Crimestar customers never need or require training, Crimestar offers several different forms of training to help you get the most from Crimestar's Law Enforcement Software.

1.) Personalized on-site system manager and user training
2.) FREE On-Line Training Video Resources (see below)
3.) Customer Contributed / Shared Resources (see below)

All of these resources will help to guide and advise you on how to setup, configure and use Crimestar software within your organization.



The personalized on-site training can be tailored to your needs based on the size of your agency and the CrimeStar features you intend to use.   Personalized on-site training is optional, and is not included in the license fee for the CrimeStar software. The cost for personalized on-site user training is $1,000 per day plus all travel expenses.

Below are some suggested topics and time duration for each personalized training topic.
Topic Suggested Duration Target Audience
Crimestar Overview / Demo 2 hours Senior Management, & Casual users.
System Configuration 4 hours Senior Records Personnel / Records, Supervisors, Systems Manager, Crime Analysts
End-User Training (Classroom*) 4 hours Field Personnel, All Records Personnel, Detectives, Line Supervisors, Analysts, Public Relations Personnel
End-User Training (Hands-On*) 6 hours Field Personnel, All Records Personnel, Detectives, Line Supervisors, Analysts, Public Relations Personnel
Reports Module 1 hour Records personnel, Crime Analysts, Public Relations Personnel.
CAD / Calls-For-Service Module 2+ hours Dispatch Personnel

* Classroom means a passive audience with a projected presentation.
   Hands-On means workstations are available for seminar participants

To get more information on training or to schedule a training session contact us.  Please provide us a minimum 
of 30 days advanced notice to your desired training date, so that there is ample time for us to fit this into our 
schedule and make advanced travel arrangements.  


The following On-Line Training Videos are provided FREE to help you understand and get the most out of your Crimestar software.

RMS Video Series Video #1: Download & Installation  (Approx. 7.5 minutes)
Video #2: RMS Environment Overview / Desktop  (Approx. 6.5 minutes)
Video #3: Adding Personnel  (Approx. 11 minutes)
Video #4: System Security Overview  (Approx. 10 minutes)
Video #5: Module Overview (Coming Soon)
Video #6: Navigating Forms (Coming Soon)
Video #7: Retrieving Data (Coming Soon)
Video #8: Specialty Reports & Outputs (Coming Soon)
Video #9: Activating & using NIBRS  (Approx. 18 minutes)
Video #10: Database Synchronization (Coming Soon)
CAD Video SeriesVideo #1: CAD Workstation/User Interface Environment  (Approx. 7 minutes)
Video #2: Creating Events  (Approx. 25 minutes)
Video #3: Working with Units  (Approx. 38 minutes)
Video #4: CAD Additional Features  (Approx. 14 minutes)
Video #5: Configuring the CAD System & Workstation ( Comming Soon )


Below are training tutorial / presentation materials that have been created by Crimestar 
customers.  While these materials were created to address the needs of their own respective
agency, these customers have generously agreed to publicly share these materials so that
others may benefit from them. 

To download and save the documents, right-click on the icon and choose "Save Target AS"
Microsoft PowerPoint presentation ( 11MB )
Created by Lt. Joel Huntley of the Surry, New Hampshire Police Department
Microsoft PowerPoint presentation ( 5.5MB )
Created by Chief Deputy Chris Covert of the New Carlisle Indiana Marshal's Office

Crimestar Corp. has not edited these shared materials in any way and does not support or maintain them.


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