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Chief Ronnie Bowen
Amory, Mississippi
April 2005 / January 2017
"It is very evident that a lot of thought has went into the layout and functionality of the product.  ...but I must say after reviewing many software packages, I still can't believe the bang we are getting for our bucks with Crimestar."

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Chief James Bedell
Edwardsville, Illinois

September 2008
As reported in the
 Online Newspaper

September 6, 2008
"Bedell told the city’s Finance Committee last week that the department had contacted the clients of each of the bidders and Crimestar, the lowest bidder, had the best feedback from its clients for its support and its product."
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Reporter Larry Ingram
The Edwardsville Journal
Edwardsville, Illinois
September 2008
As reported in the

September 6, 2008
"The bid from Crimestar was also more than $200,000 less than bids from two other firms, New World Systems and Spillman Systems, according to the city."
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To put the $200,000+ difference into perspective, Crimestar's bid: $55,559.30 ! 

Officer Rich Oberle
Westville, Indiana
March 2007
"I lack the vocabulary to express how great this program has been for my department.  .... Keep up the great work." 

Mr. George Perera
Law Officer Magazine
January 2007
Referring to Crimestar RMS in his article entitled: "Records Management System: What is it and why in the world do I need to know about it?" which was published in the January 2007 issue of Law Officer Magazine, Mr. Perera said:

"In my opinion, it's one of the most complete and functional systems on the market."

Chief Stephen Dickson
Rockton Village, Illinois
April 2005
  "There is nothing out there like it for the money".

(See the complete article written by Gary Winters:
 "Village police are using cutting edge software" which references Pecotonica, Winnebago, Rockton, Durand and South Beloit Police Departments as published on April 7, 2005 in the Winnebago Gazette)  

Mr. Bob Davis
(Contributing Editor, Computers & Software, 
Police Magazine)
June 2005
 "This Versatile software gives small agencies the same record-tracking capabilities
  as big ones."

 "CrimeStar RMS is the Swiss Army knife of cop data management."

(See the complete article written by Mr. Bob Davis:
 "COMPUTER & SOFTWARE: CrimeStar Records Management System"
as it was printed on pages 86 & 87  in the June 2005 issue
of Police Magazine (a Bobit Publication).

Chief Walter Sellens
Hamilton, Illinois
April 2004
"We in law enforcement are always suspicious of something that sounds too good to be true.  What a breath of fresh air when using Crimestar.  For a very affordable price we received a product that actually works, is user friendly, and one can talk with the company and make reasonable suggestions for change and they LISTEN!  We are a small department (4 officers), but I think we have a program that out performs large departments.  What other company has the confidence in their product to let you load the fully functional program and use it for a period of time to see if you like it?"  

Lt. Ray Foster (Ret.)
Los Angeles Police Dept.
Crimestar Software has been featured in the illustrations of a definitive book about Police Technology; entitled; Police Technology by Retired Los Angeles Police Lt. Raymond E. Foster, published by Prentice Hall in 2005. 

 Available from most major book resellers such as Amazon.com

Chief Lester Fairbanks
Chesterfield, NH
December 2002
"Crimestar has really turned our department into a department of the 21st century..." "Frankly, we were amazed at the price. It is something we could easily afford and can easily afford the maintenance fees."

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Lieutenant Matt Pearce
Criminal Investigations Div
Office of Attorney General
Austin, Texas 
April 2004
"We have found the Crimestar RMS software package to be of great benefit."

Dep Chief George Bacorn
Denton, Maryland
April 2004
"We have been using Crimestar since January 2000 and have found the product to be very reliable.  The company is very responsive to the needs of the users and makes every effort to use suggestions made by the users for improvement of the product.  It is an effective RMS that is very POWERFUL and AFFORDABLE.  I would recommend this product to any Law Enforcement agency that is looking to improve their RMS no matter what current system they may be running."

Chief Jay Livingston
Hart, Texas
April 2004
"I can only say good things about the CrimeStar RMS Software and their representatives who have been very helpful.   The low maintenance fees for the software are a positive for any small law enforcement agency or any agency which is feeling the pinch in the budget.  I recommend "ONLY" CrimeStar RMS Software to any law enforcement agency who wants software that really works and a company that cares how well their product performs."

Chief Steve Marshal
Washington, NH.
August 2004
"CrimeStar, while being a very usable RMS to the daily user, is backed by a company that is more customer receptive than any I ever worked with, be it IT or any other service.  The staff is quick to make changes to meet the user's needs, and does not take on the attitude of "we are right, you are using it wrong".   Corrections and updates are prompt, and come out as soon as they are suggested, and we don't need to wait until the company decides to send it out when they are ready.  Highly recommended to all departments."

Supervisor Paul Paczek
Riverdale Park, Maryland
June 1998
 "I would recommend this software to anyone who wants an efficient and reliable way to track the day-to-day operations of their police department."

Officer Tom Sonnen
St. Croix Falls, WI
"The software is user friendly, fast, accurate and top of the line.  It is the best Law Enforcement RMS we have seen."

Chief Brad Hall
Mexico Beach, Florida
"The more we work with your (CrimeStar) software, the better and easier our jobs are getting."

Disp. Rick Mortenson,
Univ of Northern Iowa
"This software package (CrimeStar) is also very user friendly as we have some dispatchers that have very limited computer skills and they have no problems running the system."

Officer Shawn Packard,
Stewartstown, PA
 "It is definitely one of the best packages I have seen yet.  CrimeStar will greatly enhance the productivity of our department.."

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