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Records Management System (RMS) Information

       Product Brochure (pdf)
       Why Crimestar?

       General Features
           Configuration Options
           Menus & Toolbars
           Spell Checker
           Data Export
           Internal E-Mail
           Quick Backup
           On-Line Help
           System Security
           Animal Control
           Arrest & Booking
           Bicycle Registration
           Calls For Service
                Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) vs. Calls For Service (CFS)
           Civil Documents
           Community Policing
           Field Interviews
           Firearm Registration
           Jail Tracking
           Property & Evidence (with Bar coding & Digital Photos)
           Registrants (Sex, Narcotics, Arson, Other )
       Master Indexes
           Master Address Index
           Master Name Index
           Master Vehicle Index
       Specific Features
           Alarm Response File
           Case Management
           Confidential Funds Voucher
           Daily Activity Logging
           Geographic Reference File
           Kickback Messages
           Investigative Alerts
           Personnel / Training /Equipment
           Photo Lineups
           Popup Alerts
           Racial Profiling
           Field Reporting (Database Synchronization)
           Standard Reports
           FBI UCR/ACR/CLERY Reports
                 Return A - Monthly Return of Offenses Known to Police (pdf)
                 Return A - Property Stolen by Classification (pdf)
                 Supplement to Return A (pdf)
                 Monthly Return of Arson Offenses known to Law Enforcement (pdf)
                 Monthly Return of Offenses Known to Police PART II (pdf)
                 Age Sex Race & Ethnic Origin of Persons Arrested (pdf)
                 Age Sex Race & Ethnic Origin of Persons Arrested Under 18 (pdf)
           FBI National Incident Based Reporting System (NIBRS)
           Semi-Custom Reports
           Charts & Graphs
           Do-it-yourself Reports

       RMS System Requirements

Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) Information
       Background/History in CAD (APCO 1992)
       Background/History in CAD (Calif. Peace Officer Spring 1994)
       Product Brochure (pdf)
       General Features
           Basic Dispatch Rules
           Quick Access Popup Menus
           Simple Drag & Drop Operations
           Calls For Service
           Mobile Digital Communicator/Dispatching
           WEB Based Status Monitor
       System Forms
           Workstation Overview
           Dispatch Control Panel
           Call Taker Form
           Unit Status Monitor
           Event Status Monitor

       CAD System Requirements

Mobile Digital Communicator (MDC) Information
       Background/History in Mobile Data (APCO 1989)
       Background/History in Mobile Data (Law & Order Magazine June 1992)
       Background/History in Mobile Data (Communications Mag. January 1992)
      Product Brochure (pdf)
      General Features
           Digital / Silent Dispatch
           Event & Units Status Monitor
           Status Monitor Map Page
           Event/Call Details
           Administrative Messages
           GPS Enabled Tracking
           Live RMS Searches
           RF Modems
           GPRS/CDPD Communication

Message Switch/Gateway (MSG) Interface Information



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