The Crimestar jail module provides a comprehensive management console to track critical information about all the various activities associated with each person in custody.    Each of the jail subsystems associated with any specific subject can be accessed with a single mouse click.  The jail module utilizes the Arrest and Booking module as the intake mechanism to add subjects to the in custody list.  Multiple photos associated with each subject are readily available to assist with identification.


From this console screen you can quickly select an inmate to manage and view information about the subject.



A visitor log can be maintained for each inmate tracking who visited, what relation the visitor has to the inmate, where the visitation took place, who was present, how long it lasted.  An authorized visitor list can be maintained so that visitors not on the authorized list can be declined visitation access to the subject in custody.




The commissary component of the jail system tracks purchases made by the inmate and maintains balances for the inmates cash account.  The commissary purchase process is completely barcode enabled allowing all transactions to be conducted by scanning inmate ID bracelets and product UPC codes associated with an authorized product inventory list. 
Inventory counts are automatically maintained and reports can be generated to determine when an item should be reordered. Additionally net cost and profit reports help determine how much revenue is being generated from a specific product or overall.



The medication log tracks medical related complaints and dispensing of medication doses as well as known medical and physical conditions for each inmate.




The meal log tracks meals served, not served and declined for each day of the month for each inmate.




The court date log track when and where an inmate is to appear and maintains certain related information such as translators required and other external notifications that must be made in preparation for a court appearance.


Other forms and screens for Inmate Classification, Housing Assignments and Facility Movement are also included in the Jail Module of Crimestar RMS.

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