With the optional E911 Data Interface ANI/ALI information can be imported directly from your PSAP (Public Safety Answering Point) telephone equipment into the active Call Taker - Event form.  The E911 interface is very configurable and can receive data from a variety of E911 telephone equipment systems.


Most E911 PSAP telephone equipment will output the ALI/ANI data via a standard RS232 serial port. The output of that serial port on the PSAP telephone equipment is connected to an RS232 serial port on the computer where the E911 interface application is running via a standard serial data cable.  The Crimestar E911 Interface application reads the data received via the RS232 serial port, parses the data and delivers it to Crimestar CAD via the network.

The diagram below illustrates a typical network configuration where the E911 Interface sits on a network segment with CAD workstations and an MDC Controller and passes real-time ANI/ALI data from the PSAP equipment to the Crimestar database and CAD workstations.



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