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 RMS: Records Management System  Compare Edition Features

One Time License Fee

Basic "Lite" Edition - Concurrent User License1, 2
This edition is our entry level product with only the most commonly used features enabled. This edition uses a simple desktop (LAN) "DBF" type database.

$1,450  per concurrent
 user license

Professional Edition - Concurrent User License1, 2
This is our full featured mainstream product edition. This edition uses a simple desktop (LAN) "DBF" type database.


 per concurrent
 user license

Enterprise Edition - Base Install License $2,950  base license fee

Enterprise Edition - Concurrent User Licenses1
This edition has all the features and capabilities of the Professional Edition but is a true client/server program that works with a high capacity Microsoft SQL server database engine.  Recommended for larger agencies or those that need a more powerful and robust database storage engine with more storage capacity.
 * Customer must have or obtain Microsoft SQL Server 2008 or newer.

$1,950  per concurrent
 user license
Addn'l Laptop Synchronize Licenses   
This license allows you to run and synchronize RMS Professional on additional laptops, beyond the number of laptop licenses included with your RMS Professional or Enterprise concurrent user licenses.

$950  per laptop
CAD: Computer Aided Dispatch        
RMS (Professional or Enterprise) must be installed.  CAD licenses per dispatch position or seat not by concurrent user.  (E911 interface now included with CAD license)


 per seat license

MDC: Mobile Digital Communicator (Controller)
This is a secure communications mobile system to RMS and CAD for handling real time queries into RMS and thru the State Interface Gateway (if installed) as well as performing interactive CAD dispatching and unit status updates digitally. Each MDC system requires one (1) Controller plus one or more mobile workstation licenses.

$1,950  per site license
  Full Mobile Workstation License $1,450  per car license  
  RMS Query (No CAD) Mobile Workstation License $950  per car license  
MSG: Message Switch/Gateway (State Interface)
This product is an integrated State/NCIC interface to RMS, CAD and MDC that allows
for query access to the State / NCIC Systems. This interface is licensed per agency.. 

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PMF: Premium Map Files
License for UnderTow/TeleAtlas premium maps files for the entire United States.
$250  per computer
ICDE: Data Extract Utility
The In-Custody Data Extract (ICDE) utility is used to regularly produce
either a CSV or an XML data file of subjects who are in-custody.
* There is no annual support fee associated with this utility.
$1,000    site license
Product Support & Maintenance
Product support and maintenance includes;
* Unlimited telephone and email support/help
Includes product software updates !
* See full support agreement here:  ( Support & Maintenance Agreement )

( Required for new / initial customers to have support for the first year ) 

All Support Fees are
- charged annually -

  RMS - Annual fee per concurrent user license or laptop license $300
  CAD - Annual fee per position $300
  MDC - Annual fee per car/mobile device $300
MSG - Annual fee per primary site  Call
1 Concurrent Users:  Simultaneous users on a network accessing the same master database.
For example; If your agency has 10 computers and 30 employees and you purchase 5 concurrent user licenses, you can install CrimeStar on all 10 computers (actually as many networked computers as you wish within your office), and all your employees can be authorized via the system security to use the software, however the software license will prohibit more than 5 of those people from using it at the same time. This licensing approach minimizes the number of licenses that you need to purchase and does not penalize you for having "convenience computers" that are infrequently used.  This license scheme reduces your license and support costs and permits great flexibility at a minimal expense.  Crimestar RMS is licensed per concurrent user; Crimestar CAD is licensed per dispatch seat/position; Crimestar MDC is licensed per car/mobile device. The Crimestar E911 Interface and MSG Interface is licensed per agency/site.

For more information about system capacity and requirements visit the
FAQ page.

2 Upgrade Credit: Crimestar customers wishing to upgrade from the Basic/Lite Edition or the Professional Edition are given a 100% credit on their existing license purchase towards the cost of the upgrade.

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