Founded: June 1989  ( DBA as "Eclipse Systems" )
Founder:  Alec Gagne ( a former, 15 year veteran police officer in Northern California )
Incorporated:  October 1999 - As a California Corporation
Ownership: Privately Held
Subsidiaries: Crimestar is not a subsidiary of any other corporation, company or entity and does not own or operate any subsidiary companies.
Financing: None. The company is completely solvent and has no (zero) outstanding debt.  There are no private or institutional loans, angel investors, venture capital investors or financial obligations.

As a privately held corporation, company financials detailing exact annualized revenue are not publicly disclosed.  However, Crimestar Corporation has been profitable since its inception.
Offices: Santa Barbara, California 
Swanzey, New Hampshire

Business Focus: Crimestar is committed to providing powerful and highly economical software solutions to all aspects of the criminal justice, corporate investigation and public safety market with a specific plan for steady controlled growth and an expanded presence in the United States.
Product Rights: The computer software that Crimestar Corporation offers, distributes and licenses to its customers is completely designed and developed in the USA and is 100% owned by Crimestar Corporation.

*** SOLE SOURCE PROVIDER: The Crimestar RMS, CAD, E911, MDC and MSG software products are created, published, licensed and provided solely and exclusively by Crimestar Corporation.  Crimestar software products are not sold, licensed, provided or distributed by any business partners, resellers, distributors or 3rd party entities.

Flagship Product: CrimeStar RMS/JAIL which was first introduced to the market in August 1997.

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